Baby Boomers On Notice

The Baby Boomer generation, people who were born between 1946 and 1964, were the great hope.  Through the sixties and seventies, they helped accomplish many great things.  Civil rights advancement, influencing foreign policy, putting an eye on government, and asking tough questions that are in the best interest of all citizens.

Now in 2016 the reality of the situation is that Baby Boomers, the class of people making most of the decisions in our country, need to be forced to move along.  They had their chance and it gets more clear every day that they are disconnected with where the world is going.  They have over-stayed their welcome.  The generation that was supposed to the beginning of indefinite enlightenment sold out completely.  They ruined the US financial system, bricked on health care, and have left our infrastructure set to fall apart when they are gone.  We have so many rackets for profit in America they are almost impossible to unwind.   Baby boomers either created or massively enabled them.

The younger generations Gen-X and Gen-Y have been waiting for their chance and have been doing the actual work on behalf of the baby boomer “manager” generation.  Those 2 generations are being held hostage by baby boomers who are staying around longer because of the financial recessions and bubbles they created.  But we don’t want to wait anymore and the secret is out.  Nepotism and decadence took over whatever it was in those documentaries that was supposed to make the baby boomer the generation of change, improvement, and equality.  How many times can you deregulate the financial system, break it, fake fix it, and then think that it all just won’t go bust forever one of these times.

So I have a message out there to everyone in their forties or younger.  Take a look around and ask yourself who is the ruling class?  Why is it impossible to make any progress on real issues like social security, the debt, healthcare, energy, water, or immigration?  The only truth is stalemate and the status quo.  The answer is that baby boomers don’t care about anything except watching out for number one.  Winning at all costs. Making sure their limited time left is rosy and leisurely.  Time for generation-x and generation-y to walk to the center of the room, identify the boomers in power, and show them the door.  The have had a good 40 years now and it is clear to me that until further notice, they will go down as America’s worst generation.


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