What The Candidates Say About Us

Whether you are in one camp or the other, or have no camp and are just plain disgusted, these 2 say a lot about us and the status of our USA.  One candidate is the ultimate insider an expert on how to get ahead and become powerful through public service.  Someone who made a pact with a spouse a la House of Cards to climb to the top together and beat all comers.  They knew and believed they would become powerful and influential as young people.  It all works for them because they invented it and cultivated it.  This is just the final biggest step of even their early dreams.

The other is a great example of the concept of a statistical outlier.  An observation that is way outside the pool of the total.  Lying, manipulating, diverting, denying, or any other means to make himself memorable.  To capitalize on the surface feelings of the public.  Knowing that in today’s media and short attention span culture all that matters is that you say something odd enough to make the news.  Free media free branding all the time.  Flip flopping is smart.  “Don’t tell me about words” when the public is supposed to choose a leader based on their words.  Last week it was Obama was born here despite years of never wavering that he wasn’t.  This week it is never accepting the results of the election.  Just say whatever is needed at any time at any place about anything for any reason.  Someone who’s goal in becoming wealthy is fame and notoriety.  Not helping people or the world.  Instead let’s make the most posh hotel every imagined with my name in bold everywhere.

The previous is obvious.  No news here.  But what is really means is that the individual person, and the society as a whole has been successfully conned.  No attention is paid to issues, lower government, or any details whatsoever about ANYTHING.  Instead we wait to see if maybe the 2 horrible candidates can make our lives better years from now.  We don’t receive any real information or data nor do we want it.  No research on who the better sheriff of your country will be.  Or which person in your home town will be the best town selectman or state senator.  It is all broken and we all sit and watch the car crash of a presidential election and label ourselves participants in the system.

This is also the beginning of the end for our current 2 party system.  Many parties in our country’s history have died.  It will happen again and we are witnessing it.  This is progress.  It will be ugly but it is happening.  As we pass on from the Baby Boomer era of leadership to GenX and GenY all the rules will be changed.  Sort of like a river over flowing its banks.  It won’t be orderly but it has to happen.  The water has to go somewhere.  All the current democrats and republicans have been doing is stacking sandbags on a storm that won’t end.

So begin fighting back by studying all the other races on your ballot, the ballot questions, and everything else.  Talk to your peers about that and when talk turns to the presidential election tell them to not participate in the con and change the subject.




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