Submitted by a contributor on 11/4/2016

This post was written by a SudburySanders contributor before the election on 11/4/2016.  Enjoy!

How did Donald Trump become the more dangerous of the two candidates? Hillary is an out in the open neocon hawk. From her humble Senatorial beginnings authorizing GW’s never ending war on terror to her destabilization Libya, Syria, and Yemen she has always been the politician of war. Her platform on Syria is to arm al-Qaeda and start a war with Russia. Yet somehow you still see people say with a straight face that Trump is a threat to mankind and needs to be stopped and blah blah blah. Then there’s the double down: Trump is a Russian agent because he doesn’t want to start a war with a nuclear power. So to recap he’s a threat who will start a nuclear war but he’s also a Kremlin plant because he doesn’t want to start a nuclear war.

The fact that people still parrot the ridiculous notion that Trump is the real threat is a testament that the dying MSM can still influence people.  Even Fox News, the right wing MSM outlet, has been protective of Hillary amid her never ending scandals.  The New York Times proudly rights about the lies that they spread. That the media would deceive, lie, and slander is nothing new.  What separates this full court press of anti-Trump is that they are doing it at their own expense. Their bias has become so strong that even Liberals are being turned off and tuning out.

Why do they continue to do this if it’s killing them? The short answer is that corporate media is controlled by a handful of billionaires whose own agendas happen to skew globalist neocon. Their wealth isn’t tied to their ratings so they have no objection to running their outlets into the ground for a while. This leads to point #2 on why Hillary is so much more dangerous. The billionaire globalist class have universally lined up behind her. A cabal of media titans, Wall Street parasites, and Silicon Valley technocrats, all of whom are the 1% of the 1%, have come together to do whatever is necessary to keep the old order going.

Trump’s only crime is that he wants to break with all this globalism and put America first. What has the old order done for you? The middle class is shrinking, debt is skyrocketing, the economy has flatlined so bad 10s of millions have left the labor force, and most importantly, our rights are eroded every year. He’s barely a conservative. If people wanted that Ted Cruz would have won the nomination. Trump represents a new paradigm: Nationalism vs. Globalism.  Trump’s campaign is essentially a referendum on whether we are allowed to put America first or not. The truth is, none of us has a meaningful connection with people they never met halfway on the other side of the word. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar who is probably compensating for the fact that he has never had a conversation with his neighbor before. We don’t go deliver them Democracy when it isn’t warranted and we don’t send our jobs over there; that’s Trump nationalism in a nutshell.

If nationalism is Trump’s crime, what are Hillary’s? They are too numerous to list them all, but the two that stand above the rest are 1) the private email server and the refusal by omission to turn over evidence to investigators 2) the shady dealings of the Clinton foundation, it’s lack of transparency, mounting circumstantial evidence of pay to play, or use as a slush fund. If you include the paid speeches to Wall Street, her dubious law career, White Water, or Benghazi there’s an unmistakable pattern of doing the wrong thing in every circumstance even if it isn’t breaking the letter of the law. Trump is no saint, but we aren’t electing a pope. Trump may be a real estate cheat, and a bankruptcy cheat, but those don’t end with dead diplomats. Voting for Hillary would put a confirmed criminal, warmonger in the White House and that is a far worse option then electing a blow hard that would be reined in by a hostile Congress.



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