The Point of a Blog Nobody Will Ever Read

Today in America free speech is dying.  People who say something offensive to anyone can be made to instantly apologize, beg for forgiveness, or are fired and forced to rebuild with reputation ruined.  Today it only takes maybe a day for someone to be ruined for life if they say the wrong thing.  Never mind any long list of accomplishments or real results over time.  That was before that 4 second phrase was uttered. The examples are numerous and frequent.  This is troubling.  Not because the oh so bad things these people said aren’t mean, hurtful, and ignorant, but because there is no tolerance at all left in America for different opinions.  That is what free speech is.  The fact that words about anything on any subjects are permitted and not punishable by law.  If you are a free speech person you understand that protection of speech includes hate speech and all the other deplorable things the masses can spew.

The point is there might be a time in the future where common people must act on behalf of their human and civil rights against a government or ruling class.  Even in America.  At that time, their speech will on behalf of the common people, and that speech might be deemed criminal by the government.  As it is in many other countries in the world.  We are the country that is supposed to have this figured out.  Currently we are drifting backwards on this.  I am for the first amendment.  I am for the second amendment.  Because I believe they are linked.  If free speech fails, you need the guns.  That is why free speech is first.  When free speech is taken away there is only one option left.

So back to this blog which nobody will read.  In today’s world, most of us have become way too careful.  With all the technology and the ways to be permanently recorded and referenced forever online and among circles we get shy and timid.  Afraid to speak our minds and put ourselves out there.  What if I get ripped online or get called out or my thoughts misunderstood?  Better to just not say anything, be a sheep, and keep going along to get along.  I hate that shit.  There is a great line in the movie Casino that I think explains this problem very well.  It can’t be taken literally of course but if you understand free speech, free will, and America you will like it.  “If you had any heart at all you would be out stealing for a living.”  In case it still doesn’t make sense, the point is you must accept risks and blowback when it comes to following your beliefs.  In Nicky Santoro’s case, in order to be a crook you have to accept that most likely the end is death or prison.  For those who care about free speech you speak your mind and accept that if anyone cares at all the probably will just shit on you.  Then tell their friends and anyone else who likes to pile on.

So, this is my free speech blog.  To put shit out there just to train myself to never lose heart.  To do the research and pick a side on things.

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