What Gets Me Going: March 2017

People that don’t believe in climate change.  Even if you don’t believe the CO2 research and causes don’t you realize that the Earth is all we got?  Or that you don’t want the planet to become one big paved over strip mall with garbage everywhere?  It is like taking a hard no compromise stance against sunny days or acts of kindness.

FBI dude James Comey testifies on two topics.  Whether Obama wire tapped Trump and whether Trump team colluded with Russia to get elected.  Yes, let us get all the important people together to confirm that America has no idea which way is up right now.  Then talk about it for days and days on the news to reinforce that we are a nation of dopes that love this stuff.

Watched the Oscars.  I love movies for many reasons.  Viola Davis got up to accept her award and then went on a self-indulging rant about how her life and acting is so purposeful and that is the only profession to celebrate what it means to live a life.  Made me forget why I love movies.   Pivoted immediately to thinking how out of touch our Hollywood celebrities are.  Then you watch everyone fall all over themselves to tell her how profound it was.  Thanks, Viola.

Went to the women’s march in Boston.  To see what the vibe was like and try to get a handle on any unifying issues and whether this has any momentum.  Was impressed. Then later saw the speeches by Ashley Judd and Madonna.  Made me forget about the larger purpose and angry that all the momentum overshadowed by liberal crazy talk.  Ashley Judd’s nonsense especially.  Yikes…

Why don’t tailgaters understand that it is very dangerous for them too?  When I see tailgaters that are older than me I wonder how it is they have gone so long tailgating without learning.  Is it just luck that they never plowed into anyone and got an airbag in the kisser?

Why aren’t people taking more about self-driving cars and the fact that all cars might someday be on the grid?  Then the government, or Russia, can just lock your doors and direct your car right to the black site never to be seen or heard from again.  Minutes before that though you were enjoying the sunset until an amazon drone crashed through your patio just missing you.  But at least Burt your neighbor has his new pair of pants.

The Donald doesn’t seem to be learning anything or getting better at anything.  Truly disappointing.  He still the president so am hoping he gets it together.  But Yikes….

Tom Brady has been performing at the top in the NFL of all places for as long as I have been out of college.  That is truly amazing and inspiring.  Puts his longevity into perspective for me.  But sorry Tom you are still behind Ty Law and Drew Bledsoe in my rank of favorite Patriot players despite being the GOAT.

NBA super teams are lame.

Why is it that major league pitchers less and less are able to make all of their starts in a season?  Isn’t it better to leave some in the tank and use old school pitcher tactics to get people out and make 30 total starts?  Nope torn ligament out for 18 months.  Nope going to miss 2 months with a back injury.

Even if manufacturing comes back, whatever that means, it won’t employ millions of people in round the clock shifts.  The goal for manufacturing is always less people.  Same for coal and autos.  Why do people eat this stuff up?

I am losing the will to learn the same app over and over again with each update.  It is draining my life force.  iPhone you don’t have to welcome me to iPhone with each update either.






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