Hearings, Hearsay, Innuendo, Lies, Confusion, No Answers

Nobody in Washington had a good day yesterday if you were in any way related to the Comey or Gorsuch hearings.  You all lost.  Yesterday was a day to remember for America but for the wrong reasons.  The country become more divided, weaker, and even more rudderless.   After taking in the hearings and the news coverage I was left confused and disappointed.  Another day had passed and the two ruling parties had just tried to win the propaganda war and nothing was answered or really even addressed.  Another day without any epiphanies by politicians that they need to run the country and work with each other.  No definitive answers were given on any of the Trump to Russia questions and that is still just hanging out there.  Did he do it or not please tell us.  Or please tell us that whatever they did was not illegal and counter to the country’s interest so the guy can have a chance to govern and lead.  But none of that happened.  Too bad for all of us.

What did the left say?  No wire-tapping of Obama so that means Trump just lies about everything and we can’t trust him get out the impeachment how-to guides.  Comey didn’t say Trump didn’t collude with Russia so that means he must of.  Bigger than Watergate they say!  What a great day to be anti-trump.  The nuclear credibility attack from the left is coming together.

What did the right say?  The big government establishment is selectively leaking classified information to the media because it serves the anti-Trump agenda.  All those names including Michael Flynn should have been covered in the blank ink you see in spy movies.  That when it was time for black ink names to be uncovered during the Clinton investigation it did not happen.  Selective character assassination!  Limbaugh declared the only point of the Comey hearing was to inform the GOP that impeachment is coming.  A public sort of call out to get on board, stop draining the swamp, or else you are out.

http://bit.ly/2na8iIv (Black Ink Breitbart)

http://bit.ly/2nXjPZf (Rush Limbaugh Story Breitbart)

But what did we actually learn?  Nothing.  We already know that Trump just says whatever he wants at any time to anyone for any reason.  So the whole Obama surveillance thing really did not require a hearing.  Plus any thinking person knows Trump tweeted that as if he was at one of his rallies.  Nobody believed it in the first place.  I believe all those politicians spy on each other constantly in all kinds of ways.  So nothing there.

The whole conversation about Trump ties to Russia and their interference in the election was embarrassing.  Just no answers and deflections and people eluding to the fact that this is still going on and someday we might now something about something.  I don’t like thinking Russia has the upper hand in technology and creating chaos via information but it seems that way.  The important message yesterday should have been that America is unified putting Russia on notice and that it is not OK to meddle.  Instead the politicians just bickered with each other on a partisan basis.

In terms of Gorsuch and his show I did not pay attention.  The fact that Republicans refused to take a vote on Merrick Garland to me stained their credibility as Americans.  They changed the rules just because they have a difference of philosophy.  Perverted the constitution and just made up their own rules.  Now this is here and the Democrats are furious, as they should be, and the Republicans are salivating at the reality that they won by cheating and this guy will get appointed.  Who knows what this will do for future decisions on justices.  What if someone dies two years and one day into Trump’s administration?  Well then, we are closer to the next election than not.  So that seat can’t be filled we have to wait for the next election.  Thanks baby boomer politicians you really have made a mess of the one branch of government that is supposed to be free of all this stuff.

One thing we can do as the little annoying middle-class citizens is recognize that all we saw yesterday was a sideshow with no answers or direction.  Another loss for politicians and a win for overall clarity that our country is at a stand-still.  The Republican and Democratic parties are just appeasing their bases, and the rest of the country is getting restless.

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