Move on America: Confirm Gorsuch

I don’t understand why they have Supreme Court hearings at all.  You don’t learn anything about the prospective justice and both sides of the aisle dig into an ideology and try to promote it.  Quickly turns into something that is just a waste of time.  But this guy will be confirmed.

After listening live to most of days two and three I must say this guy seems solid.  No sways into politics or taking sides on potential issues.  Stuck firm to the ideology that the law is separate from politics and that the judicial branch serves the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the law due to them being isolated and not accountable to politics.  But his best trick was speaking for three days while not really saying anything.  Part of me is impressed and part of me is disappointed again and worried.  Ok, so this guy seems right down the middle but he was picked for a reason.  The GOP, and more specifically the far-right portion, are crazy about this Supreme Court pick.  They changed the way America works so Obama could be stopped!  Bad Obama!  Obviously, Trump picked someone that will satisfy this part of the party.  Or you would think so.  Anything else would have been a huge political risk.  Left thinking that influential Republicans know something about Gorsuch’s intentions that the public does not.

“No man is above the law” was repeated constantly.  Also, the fact the he likes to follow precedent.  But he is a nominee for the Supreme Court.  Stuff only gets to their attention and on their schedule because precedent did not solve these cases prior.  All SCOTUS justices have to stray from precedent at some point.  Right?  They exist to decode nuance in the law and situations.  Result is that we learned nothing about how he will rule on those situations.

He did rip snowboarders through which I don’t appreciate.  He mentioned that families who ski together stay together.  But then added he doesn’t know about snowboarders because it hurts you more.  Could totally see him being a member of the skiing elitists.  If you go the mountain at all you know who and what I am talking about.  They are a bunch of rich meanies.  Thought it was an amusing comment though.

Now I ponder what all this means for the country.  Scalia died over a year ago.  Since then the court has been short.  Democrats and Republicans perverted the way justices are selected and waited for the outcome of a presidential election.  Screwing things up for every subsequent appointee.  Now this guy gets the call, his record is fine, and the hearings did not dig up any dirt.  Now the Democrats will filibuster but it won’t work.

For everyone to move forward I say just confirm this guy and get onto the next order of business.  Democrats lost this one.  But at least we have a full court.  At least we don’t have to give politicians more time and stage to play party politics.  But it is important to note that the one key learning from this is that the constitution was not followed.  Instead we set precedent for abandoning the law when it is an election year.  Giving people like Ted Cruz a green light to see what other parts of the law he can pervert on behalf of the far right.

Republicans this one goes to you.  Democrats you still have plenty of issues to fight.  Move onto them please.


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