Russia Answers This Week Or Else!

America needs to find out this week, at least partially, what all this Russia activity is about.  Anything less and the public should be very upset.  Upset to the point where we don’t let any faction get a pass.  Politicians, media members, news outlets, and the angry right and left that stir all of this should be called out for what they are doing.  Creating a long-term embarrassment for the United States that is hurting our ability to lead, make changes, or just in general move on with life.  Instead the reality show goes on.  A few more weeks of grey information to support the high ratings of talk shows, click bait stories, exciting right versus left abuse, and twitter wars.  Even worse is the culture we are creating.  Which is one of character assassination and ideology wars without any basis in facts or truth.  The spectacle and attention is the goal.  Not results or progress.

Several weeks have passed since all of this surfaced.  Blanket accusations about treason, surveillance, election stealing, cover ups, and illegal or shady business deals.  However, there has not been any solid information released about who did what to whom and what about.  No proof.  Intelligence committee members have been shown something or nothing we don’t know.  We do know for sure politicians don’t have enough respect for the public to explain any of it.  Instead we all just are played for dopes and we tune in everyday to see what the next installment is as if we are binge watching some Netflix show.  Yet nobody demands answers.  We all just move along as sheep while our elected officials provide no facts or action yet constantly advise us on who we should hate and attack.

I need to know if the Trump team worked with Russia.  If they did what was it about exactly!?  Was it illegal!?  Did it involve spreading fakes news or hacking DNC emails?  Who was Michael Flynn talking to or what the hell did he do that forced the administration to dump him?!  We don’t even know that yet.  I also don’t believe that asking for immunity is a sign of sure guilt.  If Donald Trump and his team are innocent they need to be cleared so he can give a real go at being president.  If he did something illegal or treasonous somebody get behind a microphone with the details.  Now!

Did Obama surveil members of the Trump team during the campaign?  If they did what exact laws did they break?  Is unmasking names from incidental collection against the law?  If so who are the people and when and where did it happen?!  Why did the Obama administration feel compelled to do this?  Are they just liberal scum that couldn’t take The Donald getting in?  Did they sense collusion with Russia and wanted to stop it?  Explain!  Now!

This dude Paul Manafort spent years working to advance Russian interests in America.  He was paid over ten million a year to do so.   Then he was Trump campaign manager in the thick of the campaign.  Yikes.  We know that Russian money flows a lot more freely than it does in America especially when it comes to the ruling class and the oligarchs.  Paul Manafort is a guy who made a career out of forcing and creating perception change.  He looks like Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore which I think is just perfect.  But hey I am sure he has the interests of the average worker in mind.

The problem with this Russia nonsense is that nobody knows what happened, whether it was illegal or nothing at all, and the country just keeps digging in and insulting each other over it.  Just typical right and left insulting each other and driving the country further into division while the rest of the world watches.   Especially Russia because this was the goal.  Confusion and a loss of credibility and confidence in the government and media by the people.  When that is achieved, propaganda can take hold and work as it was conceived.

America can’t afford to wait years for this to resolve like the Watergate scandal.  This train is at a standstill.  The Donald is fighting for his presidency before he has a chance to understand the job.  His daily schedule isn’t filled with tax reform, health care, jobs, foreign policy, and social security.  Instead it is filled entirely with defense and deflection.  Approaching day 80 with no progress and despite what the other side may think we all lose when this happens.

It is April 2nd and we still don’t know a damn thing worth knowing about any of this.  What does that say about our collective intelligence or our dedication as Americans to our way of life?


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