Give Sean Spicer a Pass

What he said was offensive, incorrect, and stupid.  Being the press secretary and straying into Hitler references is like, yikes.  But he has apologized several times already and he shouldn’t lose his job over it.  This societal thing where people are ruined in a couple of news cycles over something they said is wrong and un-american.  This guy’s job is to talk to the press on behalf of The Donald.  Think how hard that is.  Double yikes.  He can be made fun of relentlessly on SNL and by everyone else which is charming to the public. He can stand up there day after day and eat it from the press while trying to portray the thoughts of the administration.  But he can’t make a mistake ever.  The one liner that you hear in most of the news clips is much worse than the full clip with the full context.  Again, this is not a defense of what he said.  This is defense on the first amendment and the belief that people shouldn’t have to go away forever overnight because of a sound bite.  Especially when he has already suffered a significant penalty organically, and since this is not a crime.  So, let us all agree to keep Sean around!  Just think of all the fodder you may miss if he goes and is replaced with a straight down the middle establishment stiff!

Leadership by Headline

Russia Answers This Week Or Else!





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