Flip The 6th Will Have No Winner

Democrats are mobilized.  Looking to win a seat formerly held by Newt Gingrich.  It is meant to be an early warning shot for the midterms and an early signal to the country that Donald Trump already has a no confidence vote.  A big piece of the pie resulting in tangible momentum via an Ossoff win.  The Donald is tweeting about it.  He is concerned.  He doesn’t want to start playing defense this early.  He says if you vote for Ossoff you are making America less safe and you actually want and accept higher taxes.  This is an important moment that will have a clear winner and loser.  Whereas the rest of the first 100 days has been a whole lot of nothing.  Empty executive orders, no cooperation to pass laws, administration infighting, and accusations of high treason on both sides.  The left has been high energy for this whole time but no tax returns, no answers on Russia, and the unrealistic hope of impeachment is constant.  But they are close to a win here.  If they get it the liberal spirit is re-energized and it will ramp up a notch.  The right is starting to lose faith in The Donald.  Staying out of foreign wars, new jobs, repeal and replace, and a populist leader is what they voted for.  They are not getting it and the foundation is a little shaky.  Still with their guy, but starting to wonder if even tax cuts will happen.  No matter what else in government grinds to a halt there is always a tax cut for the rich.

But my take is different.  No matter who wins this contest America loses once again.  Because the only thing this race represents is the far right and the far left and the continued path to a place where American’s of different beliefs refuse to work together.  Or even acknowledge each other as citizens whose opinions differ but still place country first.  Instead this is a trophy for either the alt-right or the anti-fascism crowd.  It is not about the people of the district.  It is not about any specific issue or philosophy or a vision that gets America back to addressing real issues with real solutions.  Just more inflammatory rhetoric and a political chip for the rest of the country and media to run with.  It is sad.  To me this is just more proof that nothing is getting done and our problems are getting worse.  Which would be fine if our three branches of government ever governed.  Meaning that problems are eventually identified, studied, and then both parties work together for a solution that is best for the country and that issue.  Not what is best for a fringe movement.  Both fringe movements are slowly killing America.  The middle watches and feels more and more helpless.  But it won’t last long.  This election taught us one key fact.  That America is waiting for a populist hero to save the day.  The GOP won’t let The Donald be a populist so his presidency is doomed.  She or he or a collection of populist heroes exist out there today in America and I am betting we will all know them soon.


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