Panicked: USA at Complete Standstill

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

I feel panicked about where we are right now as Americans.  Not because I am a right wing constitution first person, or a left wing liberal, or a populist in the middle.  But rather because I recognize that when it comes to governing, potential policy, addressing problems, or crafting a way forward, there is no movement at all.  Our country is at a complete standstill where nothing is getting done.  Worse than that, there appears to be little reason to be encouraged that we are going to work it out soon and make some progress.  On anything.  Instead most the conversation, news coverage, and discussion is around which faction is right.  With no consideration that the middle is where things happen and that most all good things come out of compromise.  The panicked comes from the observation that this is the case, and that not many other people care or feel the same way, and we are at a point where waiting is not an option.  Action is a must.  I can’t remember the last time that I heard about democrats and republicans meeting to work together on anything.  It is all nasty and all a spiral towards the bottom where the only constant is venom based on conflicting ideologies.

Panicked also hits a note with me in that the broad population is not being told the truth, they are not seeking it, and there is no sense of urgency.  Most news stories don’t last two minutes and just hit on the top-line notes and sound bites.  Everything online is about click bait.  Truth and thorough investigations are not sexy enough to produce clicks.  So we are only left with news and articles that are as shallow as a pie plate.  The rest of the news consists of feel good viral videos, tragedy porn where something awful is caught on video, or something else equally vapid and unimportant.  I like to think of myself as someone who pays attention a does the due diligence to figure out what is going on.  But that is hard as well and takes commitment.  At the end of these tasks and efforts to learn I often feel much more informed, but usually also feel that there is a huge part missing and I only have partial facts.  This is very dangerous and I feel panicked.  What is the way out of this spiral?  How do Americans in the age of endless content and media get out of this mess which gets worse and worse everyday?

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