Trump Russia is About Greed Not Treason

Russia definitely meddled and sent fake news out to try and influence. It happened. I don’t believe it turned the election for Trump. The belief that millions of voters were undecided during the last week is beyond far-fetched. I don’t know a single person that was a candidate for such a flip flop based on the Comey letter or the last-minute introduction of fake news. Get real. This Trump Russia deal is about what occurred after the election, and before inauguration.

The treason camp believes, I guess, that this time was spent making deals and rewarding Russia for their coordinated effort to thwart HRC. This would qualify as treason based on proof that they set this up pre-election. With the evidence occurring in the transition period. My thought is if this occurred, we would know more by now. All the invisible sources, Comey, Clapper, and intel committees have only produced tepid and flimsy innuendo. Nothing solid yet and we are months in. Watergate took years I realize. But all of this seems just thin at best. Bottom line is that there is no smoking gun and you are innocent until proven guilty. As an observer of politics, I always assume there are huge chunks missing which the public is blind to.

What does stand out is the Trump campaign’s silence on what actually happened. Everyone knows the people in question met with Russians. This is not uncommon or against the law in any way. Even the revelation of back channel communications is coming up short. Turns out that is also common. If the truth is so innocent and sets you free why hasn’t the Trump camp come out and say what all the meetings were about? Just normal transition business. If so, disclose that, expose the media and left as fools, and move on. But they aren’t doing this. Which to me is the one thing that stands out. The silence of everyone on the Trump side. If it wasn’t collusion to impact the election, but they are hiding something, what are the other possibilities? Are there any? What is the missing chunk?

This all could boil down to Donald Trump’s obsession with personal wealth and power. We know that he has done business with Russia before. That his staff made millions getting to know and promote the Russian economy. Like Manifort and Flynn. Trump during the election was tough on China, Mexico, but largely left Russia out of the rhetoric. He even praised them. Donald Trump may have just wanted to use his new power to open-up and take advantage of Russia’s huge market. With both Russia and the Trump brand benefiting. A globalist agenda that may have resulted in improved Russian-American relations, new jobs, new golf courses, and new lenders. With the most important benefit being more riches for The Donald, Jared, and Putin’s Russia disguised as a patriotic act. Not necessarily treason but a way for Trump to make money while in office using the power of the presidency.

There are no facts to back this up. My basis for this is the belief that Donald Trump and Jared Kushner only care about their wealth and power. The notion that Donald Trump cares about the average American is so laughable to me. Guy spends his whole life putting his name on everything, lying about is bottom line, and operating via ego. Jared Kushner came from the same mold. Power and money over right and wrong. Now they teamed up to use the presidency to get even more rich. It just all lines up so nicely. Their history and life achievements point to nothing other than self-promotion. Trump’s proposed tax cut favors the rich in an obscene way. His cabinet is made of Goldman-Sachs billionaires. Nothing so far has favored the lower or middle class. It is still all about wealth and power for the Trump family. Let me know if you ever see Donald Trump or Jared Kushner out on main street having breakfast at a diner talking to the people.

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