Viewpoint: The Crazy Left Explained

This post was written by a SudburySanders contributor.

Progressives have legitimately gone crazy. They claim to honestly buy all the proven lies that the MSM have tried to sell us. This has created Trump Derangement Syndrome. They are so desperate to believe even the most far-fetched stories. What happened to the 12 sexual assault accusers? The Golden Shower Dossier? The one with the most sticking power has been Russia. There is only one problem. Where is the collusion, hacking, influence, anything?

The intelligence officials keep saying “our belief” to cover for the fact they don’t have any real evidence, it’s just their guess. There has been no evidence of Russia meddling in the election whether it be through changing vote counts, hacking email servers, or pushing propaganda. That hasn’t stopped the resistance from invoking a Red Scare at every opportunity.

Even the circumstantial evidence is almost nonexistent. Any contact between Trump’s campaign and any foreign official followed established protocols. The other part of the derangement is that Trump and Putin have a bromance. They have never met in person. Nor have they ever had any business or other relationship together.

The lunatics want us to believe that Trump and Putin coordinated together to somehow win Trump the election. They have to be that vague because no one can say for sure what exactly Russia did. They also can’t show how or when or who did the coordinating because there isn’t even a whisper of any planning. Russian officials did meet with Trump, but they also met with Hillary Clinton’s people.
Why do people keep repeating these lies? All these agitators who are stoking the flames of Russian influence have also repeatedly said there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. The mainstream media has formed a unified front and no longer claims to be unbiased against Trump. Talking heads continue to repeat the lies that are thoroughly debunked (e.g. Trump doesn’t pay taxes).
The corrupt media can publish all the crap they want but people don’t have to buy it. The public’s confidence in them is at all-time lows, even among Democrats. That doesn’t stop them from claiming to believe and repeating debunked story lines. Take for example Russia changing vote tallies. Homeland Security has confirmed it is impossible. The machines aren’t even hooked up to the internet. Yet an increasing majority of Democrats believe that Russia changed vote tallies.

This is a schism with reality. It manifests itself in the form of a group of people who plug their ears and chant “LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” How do you reason with someone who has decided Trump needs to be impeached and we’ll find a crime later? There are even “Conservative” writers who spew fear, uncertainty, and doubt but no facts. They openly wish for Trump to be overthrown.

Let’s all acknowledge what is going on here. This is mental illness. These people scream FAKE NEWS and ALTERNATIVE FACTS at the top of their lungs at any dissenting opinion because they have to convince themselves too. Their talking points didn’t survive daylight. It hasn’t done anything to quiet their rage and venom. They need to keep pretending to believe until the bubble pops.



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