GOP Base: We Forgive Your Misplaced Hope

We are six months into the Donald Trump presidency. Through the campaign I understood his movement and what he was campaigning on. A lot of those issues are real and true Americans realize they had gone unaddressed. Particularly about jobs, healthcare, international competition, and the fact that the swamp and the establishment is broken. The republican base in red and purple states ate this up. They weren’t on the wrong side of the argument. They don’t have ideologies that conflict with American values. They are good people and great Americans. Simply put they had hope. Hope is maybe the best of things as the classic line goes in The Shawshank Redemption. Hope that the swamp would be drained and regular people’s interests would be represented in government again. This message and Donald Trump’s seasoned and expert con-man skills got the white house. America would be great again.

The hope honeymoon period is over. Trump has been exposed as an insider for the 1% and has proved overall to be a complete embarrassment. More importantly, he has proven that all the campaign rhetoric pertaining to anyone in the middle and lower classes were lies. Could a more blatant and unapologetic scam have been executed? I don’t think so. Then last week happens. The senate republicans release their health care plan. There are no changes to it that help anyone except for the rich and insurers. Options given to people that need healthcare in red and purple states, are going to be taken away. They went into hiding and silence and then emerged with a big tax cut for the wealthy and businesses. A direct and heartless insult to lower and middle class American citizens.

On June 26, 2017 if you are still a supporter of Donald Trump, and the current form of the GOP, you are a helpless fool. This is not too blunt. Because that hope you had should have been permanently extinguished by now. Donald Trump and the GOP do not care about you. Your continued support just further sinks your credibility as a thinking person. It is that simple.

Turn back to the honorable beliefs and agenda you had during the campaign. But this time know that you were conned in 2016 and then immediately betrayed. Turn on the lawmakers that let you down and support new blood in GOP elections. Change the party and mold it into something that will create results. Not further embarrassment for you.


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