Russia’s Strategy: Cultivate and Wait for America’s Implosion

Vladimir Putin is patient. He waits and then acts only at the optimal and opportune time. That is Russia’s specialty. Wait and then capitalize when weakness and confusion occur. That is what he did during the cold war. This what they are continuing to do now. They meddled in the election not because the goal was a Donald Trump presidency. The goal was to capitalize on the obvious division and the increasing state of dissatisfaction among our citizens. To create fake news to feed these feelings on both sides. They preferred Trump for sure, but only because they know he is a buffoon, and would be very helpful in driving America down the road of division. Hillary Clinton is someone who knows the system, and has lived in it her entire life. Whether you like her or not her experience is unquestioned. She understood what it would mean to be president. She knew that all issues foreign and domestic require nuance and a keen understanding of politics. She understands the importance of allies across the world. Those relationships mean more than who is paying what to NATO. They mean more than who gets elected as French president. Someone very well equipped to hit the ground running. The real experience and skills Hillary Clinton possessed is what Russia wanted to avoid. They knew if Trump became president it would increase instability. That the citizens would begin to take sides, distrust the media, and forget about the core American ideals that keep us strong. Do whatever you can to pit Americans against each other. Start the momentum rolling on this. Aid it and care for it. That is how Russia operates when it comes to the United States. We waited Russia out until the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight and the will of their people changed. Demanding the end of the cold war and open borders.

What is troubling about this is the lack of self-awareness we have as citizens concerning how the current climate is making us weaker as the dominate player in the world. A large percent of the population is engaged in a war of ideologies against each other. With the naïve and ignorant viewpoint that there is only one right answer. With the result being each side refusing to consider the others as citizens, but just with a different viewpoint. Instead the rhetoric is that whole pieces of the population are evil and wrong. All news and all coverage is on this war of ideologies and nonsense.

Russia is watching this and they are thrilled. Nothing better could be happening. Not because the goal is just the division and hate, but because they achieved their real goal, which is a complete stop to progress in America. No new laws are being passed. Issues such as social security, the national debt, healthcare, infrastructure, and education are not being addressed. Congress and the Supreme Court essentially are not performing their function. Everything until further notice is at a complete stop. Creating and feeding the uncertainty that Russia wants and is waiting for from America. They know that a truly free society has its advantages, but they also know without resolve and a common interest to preserve it, that things can unravel in a fast way. That is the goal. Disruption of the American system any way it can be achieved. Russia probably doesn’t even know all the ways they can take advantage yet. But they know that if they get the disruption rolling, plenty of opportunities will present themselves. Russia knows that we are in a sketchy spot after the last financial bubble. China needs Russia for raw materials. America needs China due to the American debt it holds. But both China and Russia are selling US Treasuries and buying more gold. They want to insulate themselves against western currency wars and the value of the dollar. The leverage other countries have on America is increasing. We used to hold most the cards and leverage. But our self-inflicted wounds have given other countries more and more leverage of their own. The balance is changing.

After listening to every minute of the Comey testimony yesterday my main take away was that nobody seems to care that Russia wants us to crumble. Nobody is talking about them like the enemy they are. It is the perfect scenario for Russia. Be the instigator, and the victims split and turn on each other, and the instigator walks away with no repercussion. Not good. We are not treating them like a state that tried to interrupt and harm our democracy. We should be. Putin spent his career in the KGB and as the key player that brought Russia out of communism successfully and saved them from the Yeltsin years. You can be sure that he remembers how the cold war and American influenced his homeland. He is also trained in how to wage long term wars that have no battles or bullets. He learned that trade craft in East Germany. We aren’t so good at that anymore because we are fracturing where it counts.

The point is Russia is our enemy and freedom isn’t free. Have you ever seen two siblings fight tooth and nail against each other, but when a third party is mean to one of them, they instantly unify and defend each other? Democrats and Republicans need to stop their sibling rivalry and turn on the bully antagonizing the family.


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