Roy Moore is the Example Purge

A question for those who want our government to function again.  What kind of people do you want purged from the system?  For both the left and the right there is common ground here.  They want new and younger blood.  They want results.  They want existing red tape and pork reduced.  They want infrastructure.  Laws debated and passed.  Reps who are more civil and willing to cooperate across the aisle.  Do we want more voices that focus on culture issues related to a time gone by?  Additional baby boomers?  Or more Senators born after 1970 of which there are only 11.   They want a whole new lot that has the best interest of future America in mind.  Roy Moore is none of that.  Roy Moore represents in full exactly what needs to be purged.

Religion First Law Second Decency Third

Roy Moore does not separate church and state.  He was kicked out of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003 for refusing to remove a ten commandments monument on judicial grounds.  He was Chief Justice and chose religion over the law.  He is widely confirmed to be someone that as an Assistant District Attorney, would hang around the high school to sleep with minors.  But he thinks it is OK and denies it.  Both left and right are purging known sexual harassers in people of power.  It is a bi-partisan value.  Roy Moore thinks gay people should be punished by god in his opinion.  Go look up his thoughts on gay marriage and homosexuality.  They to say the least are in-line with repealing existing laws and not passing new ones.  The majority recognize that clinging to these issues is just going backward and those have already been settled.  More importantly they only impact a small part of the population.  Focusing on those issues as if that is competent governing is laughable.  Waiving a gun on stage to get votes.  That is played out already.  There is nothing about him that gets things done.  Instead he is the poster boy for trying to recreate 1955 and prolonging this weak ass culture war.

Really Alabama?

Alabama, I believe in you.  Stop being a joke and step up and run someone else on the Republican side.  This can’t be the best you have.  Is it?  It is not a joke that the Republican party is fighting for its life.  Trump as a Steve Bannon populist mouthpiece failed.  Bannon is going to find out soon that his brand only had one bullet and he is already old news.  You can’t run The Donald and fail this bad on policy and then disappear and try to create scores of new populist heroes.  So, Alabama what do you want to be?  Do you want to align with a baby boomer who will do whatever Mitch McConnell tells him to?  Another law professional who has no real governing experience?  Someone who has no grasp of foreign policy or business accomplishments?  Someone who has the balls to label groups of people and wants to being religion into the day to day business of the United States Senate?  All of Washington already doesn’t want this guy.  Do you seriously want to send him there just out of spite?  There are only 100 senators and you want Roy Moore to be one of them?  It will kill Alabama’s credibility and more of whatever the GOP has left in that department.

Roy Moore should not be a United States Senator under any circumstance.  Don’t be a joke Alabama.


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