5 Reasons Blue Should Promote Lee Busby

There is one week to go in the Alabama Senate race.  Depending on the poll you read Roy Moore has a slight lead over Doug Jones, or it is a dead heat.  But there is a development which the middle and left should pay attention to.  The Republican write-in candidacy of Colonel Lee Busby. Here are 5 reasons why.

Less Votes for Roy Moore

A recent Emerson college poll included Busby and he received 5%.  While only one poll they found these came from likely Republican voters.  So if Busby makes some noise in this last week he can take votes away from Roy Moore. Possibly helping Doug Jones win the Senate seat.

It is About Winning

Hey liberals. Republicans do what it takes to win.  Meaning they stick with Trump and distract and deny.  They gerrymander.  They play the “what about” game.  For this Senate race they have chosen to disregard red flags on Moore’s resume and his character.  Because the Republican Senate seat is the tangible important prize.  Mitch McConnell knows this seat is do or die for policy in 2018.  So liberals take a page from that playbook for a week!  Promote Lee Busby as the right choice and win a Democratic Senate vote.

Senate Seats are National Races

We have seen lately that bi-partisanship is dead.  At least at this moment.  We also see the problem Republicans have getting even 51 Senate votes to pass something.  For this reason, Senate elections are national races.  Because the policy is so different on both sides right now.  One vote in the Senate today in America is critical.  This seat is for the people of Alabama and nobody else.  But the national policy implications are real for everyone.

Slow Steve Bannon Momentum

Roy Moore is a candidate created and molded by Steve Bannon.  Who brought us Donald Trump.  If Roy Moore wins, Bannon will be two for two on national candidates.  If you are on the left, do you want Steve Bannon and his agenda gaining momentum?  Do you want him confident and affirmed as he searches for the next candidates in other states?  If Roy Moore loses the Bannon train is set back.  Moore has been defeated and Trump is on the ropes still.  Making the next Bannon creation much tougher to bake.

The Middle and the “Disgusted and Disoriented”

There is little information out there about Busby.  But what is out there is interesting.  He plays it close to the vest with the message that a large swath in the middle feel they have no choice in the Alabama Senate race.  He talks about the “disgusted and disoriented” in the middle with no voice.  In this climate of back room tax bills from Senators with 30-40 years of tenure, deciding everything for everyone, this is relevant.  What kind of freshman Senator will Alabama send to Washington?  This is a chance to show the nation new types of candidates are possible.

The left should play this specific Alabama game like conservatives do.  Pay attention to Lee Busby for one week.


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