North Korea is the Policy Point of No Return

Until now we have lived in a world where only the most powerful and stable countries have possessed nuclear weapons.  The United States and The Soviet Union balanced each other out in such a way last century that none were used.  Friendly and stable countries on each side of the Cold War were given the weapons.  They were chosen carefully.  Now Pakistan has nuclear weapons.  An unstable country with an unstable future and a bad relationship with India.  India is also a nuclear power.  North Korea has working nuclear weapons.  Until now the United States could safely say that rogue nations would never be allowed to obtain them.  The United States, The United Nations, and NATO would intervene.  Crush them with sanctions and if need be military offense.  Well that rhetoric has been spent and the clock has hit zero.  North Korea has them.  Iran will have them someday soon.  As will other seemingly lesser world powers.  Countries like North Korea develop nuclear weapons because they want their regime to survive.  It works and that is the bottom line.  History has shown that countries with the bomb are left alone.  They are also taken seriously on the international stage.  The technology and materials needed for these weapons are spreading outside of the fantasy comfort zone.  Just like all advancements do.  9 countries currently have the bomb.  In ten years are we OK with 22 countries having nuclear missile systems?  What if country number 22 is that one country that would use it the day after they are able?

The policy point of no return is here.  Either the United States will allow all countries like North Korea to have nuclear capabilities, and we live with it and their right to deterrence, or they will have to act in 2018.  By Donald Trump backing up the empty tough talk of the past 40 years with preemptive military action.  Yikes.


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