Movie Review: Super Troopers 2

Rating: 7 out of 10

The wait is over!  It would be hard for this one to live up to the cult status of the first.  After all, this one wouldn’t have been made without the $4.6 million in crowd funding from 54,000 donors.  There was no chance this silly, vulgar, childish, and low brow comedy would be received well by critiques.  As prep for seeing the movie I read a lot of reviews as I was curious.  You had to look far and wide for the positive reviews and even those were hedged.  The most they could offer is that Broken Lizard fans will be happy.  But not one proclaimed it was a good solid Rated R comedy.  Which it is.

One thing viewers might not grasp or appreciate.  If you live in northern Vermont, the French-Canadian culture is widespread.  French language radio stations are common, and it is only 90 minutes or less to Montreal.  I spend the winters talking to French Canadians on chair lifts and everywhere really.  Truth be told, the Vermont accent is really a French-Canadian accent for those who speak English but not French.  I thought the Canadian jokes and characters were hilarious.  Spot on and they last the entire movie.  But I also realize if you live in Florida or Arizona and see this movie you might not appreciate or get the jokes.  Also, if you understand the slightly arrogant and proud history of Quebec, as different than the rest of Canada, those jokes are even better.  In the same way, the jokes about stupid obese Americans from the Canadians equally kill.  I spend a lot of time in northern Vermont in the Burlington area on the Vermont highways car Ramrod patrols.  It is where I went to college and my kids live there.  Dozens of trips to Montreal over the years.  Dozens of speeding tickets on the empty, beautiful, and inviting Vermont highways.  Even though the first film was done in Massachusetts I love the highway scenes because they get it exactly right.  “Governer Jessman is swinging through here on her way to Burlington!”  The point is I am biased.  “They are fishing your car out of Lake LeBlanc right now.”  I still laugh out loud when I think of the town name of Spurbury.

Rob Lowe’s Quebec accent is hilarious, and he does a great job in his role as the villain Guy Le Franc.  Sloane from Entourage is in the film as well and it is always pleasant when Emmanuelle Chriqui is around.  Her French is enough to make you run for the border and in the end she reveals herself as being from Ontario.  The accent was fake!  Again, hilarious if you know the deal about Quebec compared to the rest of Canada.  Brian Cox is a serious actor and I am glad he came back to play O’Hagan.  He seemed like he was having the time of his life.  Lynda Carter is back as Governer Jessman.  They are all back!  As far as the Broken Lizard troop goes Farva (Kevin Heffernan) usually gets the glory and the most lines.  For me Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Mac (Steve Lemme), and Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) are the ones that make me smile and laugh.

Stupid rated R movies are getting fewer and fewer.  I hope they don’t die off completely.  This movie had several jokes a minute and they were all stupid.  Many had me laughing out loud and many were duds.  But society needs this.  Everything can’t be a contest to see who is purest and has the best judgement.  The purpose of these movies is to decompress and be a dummy primate every now and then.  I read the reviews of this movie and just think to myself don’t they know this is supposed to be stupid and vulgar?

It was great to read the Monday stories that told the story of the shocking opening weekend success.  It means there will be a Super Troopers 3.  True to form, on Rotten Tomatoes the critic score is 35% and the viewer score is 73%.  The 73% is up by the way from the original 63% after the first couple of days.  I expect it to go up further.  Equally pleasing in those stories was the explanation that the dummy male 25 – 49 demographic was responsible for making such an embarrassing, offensive, and lazy movie a successful one.  I suppose if I spend my money of dozens of assembly line super hero movies they would think more of me.

Flova Scotia!



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