Belichick Whiffs on Day 1

Bill Belichick is continuing his risky management of the New England Patriots dynasty.  Last night he drafted Isaiah Wynn, presumably to replace Nate Solder at left tackle.  But most pundits see him in the interior line.  He also was not part of the first round in most mock drafts.  He also drafted Sony Michel, a running back, which is a position that in today’s NFL is less important and can be filled by several players throughout a season.  The Pats currently have 5 running backs under contract.  Now they have a sixth and they don’t have Brandin Cooks to burn on the outside and stretch the field.  Would you have traded Brandin Cooks for Sony Michel?  Wynn is reported to be a great player and very cerebral.  He is only 6’3” but the word on the street is that doesn’t matter.  Nate Solder wasn’t polished or strong when they drafted him, but he was a giant at 6’8”.

Nothing was done in the first round to bolster the defense.  The defense that was torched in Super Bowl LII and the defense that is seriously lacking in talent.  They need linebackers, edge rushers, and secondary talent.  Badly.  Tom Brady is going to have a rookie guarding his blindside while he stands in there at 41 years old.  Maybe Marcus Cannon will move over but not likely.  Nobody knows.  No matter how pliable he is, getting rocked from behind is going to end his career sooner than later.

A quarterback was not chosen in the first round by the Patriots.  Lamar Jackson was chosen as the last pick in the first round by the Ravens.  Jimmy G is gone, and Tom is playing his last games.  They may take a quarterback in the next few days but whoever that may be will be a reach at best.  They had the next franchise guy and Bob Kraft was declined to pay him $25 million to sit on the bench this year.  A price they should have paid.  If you believe what you read that was Kraft’s choice.

No matter what you have heard or think Bill Belichick is not a draft genius.  Either he trades away the picks, or he picks players and then lets them go a few years later when they are entering their prime.  He seems to have less respect for defensive players.  He won’t pay them and rarely drafts them high.  He clearly believes that he can coach a defense made up of average players.

Bill Belichick gave away a Super Bowl by not playing Malcolm Butler.  Now he is giving away the 2018 season by letting all the talent leave town and not replacing them.  Wynn may contribute but he is a rookie in the NFL.  He is skilled but undersized and defenders are going to be salivating when they line up against him.  Your first year in the NFL is always problematic even if you are the top talent.  The running back they chose has injury issues and the Patriots are not lacking at that position.  Bill’s worst draft pick was Laurence Jabroney Maroney.  The king of the minus 2 yard rush.

Nobody in the Boston media is getting to the bottom of the Malcolm Butler thing, or the fact that there is nobody left on the roster!  But they will all be screaming when it is mid-October and the Pats are 2-4 and not looking good.  If Tom Brady gets injured this team is going to be exposed as one with mediocre talent and many holes.  But in Bill we trust.  I hope I am wrong.



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