It was Always Money Laundering

The Russian Collusion story may be real, or it may be something that goes away in the end.  More is coming out and Mueller is racking up convictions and cooperating witnesses.  Trump is getting more nervous and Rudy is reaching.  Lawyers are jumping ship.  But this was always about something much deeper and worse than what we know already.  Donald Trump has been funding his empire in illegal ways for a long time.  A lot of that money is from overseas it seems, and a lot of that money skipped US law.  That is why he never released his taxes, and that is why he is compromised.  Foreign leaders know he was on the receiving end of a lot of dirty money and will expose him if he doesn’t serve their interests.  Because they enabled and facilitated.  People think he didn’t release taxes because he wants to maintain an over inflated net worth to the public.  No way.  It is because those taxes would create questions.  Those questions are very bad for The Donald.

Only Foreplay So Far

The plea bargains and convictions that have surfaced already are an appetizer.  They prove that Trump and his people have contempt for, and disregard United States financial law.  Simple as that.  Laws don’t apply.  As Mueller goes deeper the financial crimes will increase in scale and scope.  Hundreds of millions in dubious loans to build all kinds of things, avoid taxes, and avoid the United States financial system.  Going back decades.  Destroying Trump’s credibility as someone who cares or adheres to the United States rule of law.  This seems so obvious to me.  The Russian Collusion issue was the way into the house, but Mueller and the DOJ want what is in the basement and buried in the backyard.  One thing I didn’t expect is the information that so many others knew of the Don Jr. meetings and those people more directly tied to Russia.  What I did expect, and what happened thankfully, is The Donald by running his mouth built a legitimate obstruction case against himself.

The Type of People

One observation about the folks already convicted, cooperating, and in the public light.  They don’t give a damn about America, Americans, or the laws of the country.  A group of people whose culture and careers were built on avoiding the law.  Paul Manafort must be a great guy he worked for Reagan.  No, Manafort is someone who made millions helping foreign countries and became an expert at laundering money and realizing fake income.  Cohen made a living as a fixer and his expertise is getting money to the right place laundered and shielded from law and accountability.  David Pecker spent a lifetime manipulating and mastering the legal system pertaining to personal dirt.  Trump and he formed a business arrangement.  Weisselberg is the CFO of it all, and he is the opening to other people, bankers, and part of the Trump business.  He opens access to Jared, Ivanka, and Don. Jr. and their potential law breaking.  Patten willingly broke the laws of the United States, so a foreign source could give money to the President of the United States.  Exemplary patriotism right there.  These people think laws are a joke, the people are a joke, and the game is theirs to manipulate and play.  What has come to light is only the surface players and in terms of timeline, recent history.  The deeper history and darker players will reveal some OMG moments and facts.

It was Always Money Laundering

Russian Collusion or not, Congress, even a Republican Congress, will have a hard time turning a blind eye to the level of law-breaking uncovered.  That level will be massive money laundering.  It was always money laundering.  That is what I have been saying for 18 months and I want that to be true.  Very very very very badly.  Feed me!


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