Democrats are Incompetent Losers

I am an Independent.  But have mostly voted for Democrats.  Not because I embrace liberalism, but I believed they were the only party that would operate somewhat on behalf of the 99%.  I voted for George W. Bush in 2004 and what happened in the next 4 years made me feel terrible.  Like the biggest sucker to ever walk the Earth.  The Iraq war was fake, and we invaded other countries for no reason.  Again.  Bankers and the 1% were allowed to wreck the economy and make the lives of millions of regular Americans much harder.  Just for greed.  Then they were bailed out over a weekend.  Nobody was there to bail regular people out.  No bankers went to jail, there was no accountability, and it would happen again if Republicans are allowed to run America.  So, I have voted Democrat ever since.  Not because of some deep belief their platform is a way to prosperity.  More out of spite and hope that they would evolve into the party that would take advantage of the opportunity.  I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but I thought and still think Donald Trump is very dangerous and doesn’t give a damn about any American not named Trump.  So I knew I was voting for her very early.

With what happened this week I have lost complete faith in Democrats.  They cannot be trusted.  They will never ever win.  Because they don’t know how to win.  Even with The Donald being President saying stupid things day after day and blunder after blunder, and after Kavanaugh going all hothead during the hearing, did the Democrats capitalize?  Did they make the easy layup?  Did they recover the fumble in the end zone?  No.  What happened is they managed to make Democrats seem like the party of unhinged emotion.  The party of slander.  The party that will scream and yell like children if they don’t get their way.  The party that will chase you around a call you names and call you out on TV for being a horrible human.  They will say you hate women.  You are protecting sexual abusers.  They will post tweets asking women what they would do if they could feel safe outside after 9:00 PM.  Getting thousands of replies.  Alienating not only Republicans, but anybody that doesn’t fall in-line.  Go read what some of the popular Democrats are saying on Twitter right now.  Lots of swearing.  Lots of terrible insults.  A lot of everything that is the opposite of a party with a plan and the patience to play it out.  Play the long game.  Nope.  Just scream and yell and piss and moan all with the tone of entitlement and superiority.

Simply put, the Democrats proved themselves to be a bunch of incompetent losers.  Again!  They don’t care about the middle or the masses.  Just try to get as much blood as possible.  Even more offensive is THE FREE GIFT DEMOCRATS GAVE TO REPUBLICANS for the mid-terms.  I can’t believe it.  Again, I feel like the biggest sucker on Earth.

I listened to every second of the Kavanaugh hearings.  Dr. Ford was credible.  So was Kavanaugh.  But here is my point.  The opening for Democrats was the fact that Kavanaugh showed for the world to see he was a hothead.  Willing to raise his voice and bark back at Senators.  Willing to refuse to answer questions he knew were coming.  Willing to take the one branch that is supposed to be inherently apolitical and instead inject hothead comments about Trump and the Clintons.  He did all the things that going in he knew he shouldn’t do.  Even though I am sure being a Supreme Court Justice is what Brett Kavanaugh has been imagining his whole career.  He took the bait and left a huge opening and bungled his national job interview.  That was my main take away.  Wow this guy showed he has the exact demeanor you don’t want on the Supreme Court.  How could he mess up this bad?

Did the Democrats use this opening?  Did they create momentum from this?  Even John Paul Stevens came out and said this should disqualify him.  Instead the Democrats played right into the hands of the Republicans.  They went all-in on an FBI report that was sure to turn up nothing new.  They went all-in on something that was sure to lose.  On top of that, they had legions of people attacking regular people.  Screaming at them and calling them horrible things and demanding they must think like them because if they don’t they are endorsing sexual assault.  The fact is this was a he said she said situation from 36 years ago.  It never came up before in Kavanaugh’s past, and it couldn’t be corroborated.  Those are the facts.  What Democrats needed to play this hand was not there.  The winning play here was to focus on Kavanaugh’s demeanor and partisan views.  If they had spent a week hammering that home, it could have worked.  Instead they thought people like me would cheer them for putting Alyssa Milano in the seat that would be in full TV view for the entire time.  I found it offensive.  Because I think Hollywood is corrupt and perverted and not full of world leaders.  I don’t want the country’s leadership and values coming from people who dream first and foremost of being famous.  We all know what Hollywood is really like.  Yet the disconnected Democrats think we want Alyssa Milano representing us?  No we don’t.  A woman who works for a non-profit screamed at Jeff Flake.  Playing right into his hands.  Then the same person yelled the same exact thing verbatim to Orrin Hatch.  Proving that it was not from the heart but instead from a playbook.  Only liberals can make Orrin Hatch look like a victim.  She then admitted on MSNBC she works for a non-profit.  Turning something marginally useful into a huge blunder.  They had Michal Avenatti show up to try and cultivate the notion that Kavanaugh was a gang rapist.  Instead of working with the real ingredients left for them to cook with they wanted to call everyone a hater of women and have Amy Schumer, Alyssa Milano, Avenatti, and paid protesters front and center.  Democrats laid down when Republicans blocked Garland.  They thought Hillary was a sure thing.  No big deal we will still get our SCOTUS pick.  Now Trump has picked 2 and might get more.

This whole thing just made me sad and lose all faith in both political parties.  Completely.  Me and my kids we are on our own.  As are all other Americans born after 1970.  Nothing will ever get done and while the country turns to shit we are going to just watch those on both fringes slander each other.  Politics in America is just three groups.  Politicians over 70, entertainers, and the media.

I just went outside and got on my bike and took a few peddles.  It is a beautiful sunny Friday.  But all I could feel is sadness because our country is going to shit.  Putin is winning and waiting.  Government has ground to a halt.  The baby boomer power class is in firm control, and somehow Democrats and Republicans are going to ruin sunny days too.

Democrats are incompetent losers.  They are Fredo.  Winning is what matters.  Not emotion and not the moral high ground that you bestow upon yourself.  Thousands of likes on Twitter from those who already think you don’t matter.  You need to win the people who aren’t on Twitter.  Only Democrats lose over and over and over for the same reasons and don’t get any smarter.


2 thoughts on “Democrats are Incompetent Losers

  1. I’m a Republican who voted for Bill Clinton. To become President, a person must be perceived to be “great.” Bush was. Bill Clinton was. Trump was. Hillary Clinton lacked greatness.


  2. You need to study history. What you have witnessed from the Left is what Leftists, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, Maoists, Wobblies, and their useful idiots, as Lenin coined people that do their bidding, have always done. They cannot win because people realize that their “all pigs are equal, except some pigs are more equal than others” (George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”) “system” of government only leads to misery for the masses, who are told what to think, how to act, and where and when to show up, with severe consequences for those who don’t conform. This ilk doesn’t reason and doesn’t allow for anyone to try outside of their sacred mantras and dogmas. So they must take by subterfuge, violence and loud public denunciations; ever hear of the Chinese Cultural Revolution?

    As you take your eyes from your navel and look out at the world which it sounds like you are doing, two wonderful examples of the paradises this ilk creates and then tries to sustain by prisons and force are there for you to visit: Venezuela where no walls have been erected to keep 2 million people from leaving over the past year, and North Korea, where the walls have been set up keeping millions imprisoned, and lots of camps for those who stepped out of line, along with their family members for good control and measure. Support for today’s democrats is a vote for this in America. As Winston Churchill said, if you’re not a liberal at 18, you don’t have a heart, but if you’re not a conservative by 30, you don’t have brain.

    Sounds like you’ve discovered your brain. Now study up and learn how this ilk will seek to impoverish, imprison and control you and your family, and then how you will work to defeat this, protect your family, and prosper in the best country in the world founded by true patriots with great heroic sacrifices, unlike any ever seen in the history of the world.

    Mob rule doesn’t seem all that terrible until you’re the one the mob wants to crucify, like Brett Kavanaugh. Only the dumbest among us would believe that they couldn’t be next.


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