The Blue Collar Bait and Switch

My heart aches for workers and their families.  Increasingly, the system is rigged against them and their isn’t much of a future.  Or one that is easy to see anyway as a replacement for the declines in manufacturing, agricultural, and information technology jobs.  The party they consistently vote for stabs them in the back.  Constantly and predictably.  Yet, they continue to advance and support the group that makes their future more bleak.  Why does the working class never wise up to the bait and switch being run on them since the days of Ronald Reagan?

Screwed Again

Donald Trump since taking office 1 legislative achievement.  The huge tax cut.  Individual brackets did decrease, but the tax cut for corporations was very big.  From 35% to about 22%.  NO INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY received this big of a tax cut.  So much for the forgotten Americans.  Not to mention the huge corporations that paid $0 in Federal tax in 2018.  In addition, for all the tax breaks Trump and Republicans took from individuals and families, corporations still enjoy every obscene tax credit they did prior to the bill.  Now that a year has passed, there is proof the tax cut did not create the jobs and rocket growth it promised.  Instead, like every other trickle down Republican scam, the super wealthy pocketed it all.  Blue collar workers instead struggled with the math of the new withholding tables to try and determine if they saved any money at all.  Yet they still drink the trickle down Kool-Aid.  Screwed again!  Then there is the tariff and trade war, and the jobs jobs jobs that did not return.  Manufacturing and coal jobs are not coming back.  They are still leaving.  Trump did not deliver.  He lobs tariff threats he does not understand at China.  Strangling our farmers who are already operating on razor thin margins and at this point do it in many cases for the love of agriculture.  Then he folds by the next morning as was the case with Mexico.  With a made up story that a deal was made.  Yet nobody every finds out what deal was made or why it was good or will help workers.  Screwed again!  How about healthcare?  Instead of repealing and replacing he just cut the leg off of Obamacare and what did workers get in return?   The opportunity to figuratively bleed out slowly.  While he tells you it was Obama’s fault.  Screwed again!  This guy is aggressive cancer to the working man and woman.  Yet they will die on a hill for him and it makes no sense.  I wonder sometimes what it will take for these voters to have the epiphany?

Military, Vets, Crime, Border, Guns

The message that has been branded in all of us is The GOP is strong on the military, crime, the border, protecting the second amendment, and caring for vets.  So much so that if you search these terms on Twitter, Trump uses this as a form letter for supporting candidates.  If you say something forever it will stick with people.  It has.  They also go forward with the message Democrats are for open borders, crime, and a lawless society.

Republicans did not change immigration law or the borders when they had a full majority.  They did nothing.  Fact.  Then, when the Democrats took The House it became a big issue.  One the Democrats refuse to address and in turn they are putting you in danger.  It is all a con.  Republicans don’t want to secure the border either.  If they did, it would have been done.  When it comes to the military, we are safe in America not because of the number of troops, planes, destroyers, and aircraft carriers.  It is because we can vaporize the Earth ten times over and that nuclear deterrent trumps everything.  When America has needed to win a war we have done it on-demand.  Mobilizing manufacturing and men in an instant.  We will always be able to do that as long as the American spirit lives.  Yet, a large portion of the working class has been convinced we need to make war machines every year at the expense of the people or else what?  Canada and Mexico invade?  It is all so silly.  We don’t take care of our veterans enough.  Republicans never offer a plan to stop a few nuclear destroyer contracts and sink all the money into the VA.  Or come up with anything substantive for future veteran care.  It is all pomp.  Neither Democrats or Republicans have the stomach to touch the second amendment.  Obama and Hillary were coming for your guns and your rights.  No they were not.  They were not interested in political suicide.  It isn’t a problem.  The fact that you and your family can’t pay your bills and you are increasingly under-unemployed is the problem for you.  Then there is crime.  The easiest fear bait of all.  The United States has never been safer.  Violent crime is very very low statistically.  But the immigrants are going to sneak into your home at night and whack everyone for sport.

Is the 4th Time the Charm?

Reagan and H.W. Bush was round one of this current Republican party.  But it was new then.  The markets did well and not enough time had passed for people to realize trickle-down was a scam.  Then George W. Bush deregulated and damn near ruined everything.  All the banks went broke on the same day and there should have been enough pain for people to wise up.  Now Trump is President and this is round three of the same exact scam.  We all know how it ends and it doesn’t help anyone but the existing super wealthy and corporations.  Paul Ryan got it done and fled the scene of the crime.  He can’t believe it worked.  Now he gets to talk on Fox News for the rest of his life.  The stock market is at record highs but we are not making more stuff and not selling more stuff.  The buying power of the public is strained.  Corporate profits and stock prices are driven by corporate stock buybacks and massaging of the balance sheets for more profit.  There will be end to this round too.  It will be even uglier for the blue collar worker this time around.  But hey, who cares if you can’t feed your family, can’t afford healthcare, and work disappears.  At least you will have your gun to destroy the immigrant invaders and their will be enough military to enforce Marshall law with no accountability to anyone.  Let alone some stiff factory worker who thinks he has rights.  What a loser…






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