Ukraine is Terminal for Trump

After the Mueller Report was made public, I did not think impeachment was the way to go.  Trump would not be convicted, and it was a political loser.  Almost certain to help Trump in the 2020 election.  The Ukraine situation is much different.  It is an egregious offense and Americans and Congress can not let this go by unchallenged.  Otherwise the transition to the Executive Branch having superior power over the Legislative and Judicial will be complete.  Without even a fight.

A POTUS used the office and its powers to execute foreign policy with the only purpose of investigating a political rival’s family.  A rival that holds no office currently and has no influence on domestic or foreign policy currently.  A POTUS also made it clear that existing military aid to the country could be withheld if the foreign power did not investigate the political rival.  A POTUS also tried to influence State Department and Foreign Service officials to change official American foreign policy and thereby alter their ethical standards in direct contradiction to the oaths they took.  With the sole purpose of facilitating an investigation of a political rival.  Several administration and foreign service officials, who work on behalf of America and its citizens, came forward to give official testimony that these actions violated American law and went against official American foreign policy.  The POTUS has asked Americans and the American media to out the identity of a whistleblower, who are all by design protected by federal law.  The POTUS confirmed these actions on camera and in various statements.  The POTUS asked China on camera to investigate a political rival and his family.

This incident stands on its own.  Countless liberals and conservatives fall over each other to claim and promote supreme patriotism.  If you don’t mind this Ukraine situation than I don’t think you understand what needs to be protected in America, so that you recognize it 30 years from now.

In the coming weeks through the public hearings several credible and honorable Americans are going to testify they were pressured and manipulated for this purpose while just doing their jobs.  These moments are going to be a big deal.  The high crimes and misdemeanors will be obvious.  Not to mention what will be revealed about Giuliani and Trump and their connections to the Ukraine.   Not to mention all the acts to cover up truth and obstruct.  It will be harder and harder for Republicans to stand their ground and keep up this strategy of supporting Trump no matter what.  Which is why they are doing disgraceful things now like attacking the whistleblower and not acknowledging the act itself when asked about it.  They know right now, when most of the public is still uninformed about this, is their only window to kill this.  Public sentiment and opinion will sway towards impeachment.  Momentum will steamroll.  Unlike the Muller report this is simple to understand.  At the beginning of the Nixon deal only 19% were in favor of impeachment.  It doesn’t matter what opinion polls say now.  This is just getting going.  Each piece of new information revealed is worse than the day before.  Disinformation and distraction will be harder to accomplish for The Donald.

This is an acting POTUS abusing presidential powers to manipulate a foreign power against American interests on behalf of his own personal and political interests.  Using federal military aid as leverage.


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