Andrew Merrill is an American citizen who grew up in the Metro-West Boston area and attended the University of Vermont.  Please connect with me I would love to hear and experience other opinions and points of view.  Outside of work I am a father of two wonderful children and love physical activity and the outdoors.  I am passionate about researching the facts in this climate of click bait, misinformation, big money, shock value, and special interests.

This blog is meant to be a way of sharing thoughts on important topics and a way for me to enjoy writing and to explore my thoughts and stance on everything.  Too much in America we are focused on our own bubbles of work, social circles, obligations, and perception of self.  A side effect of this behavior is a permanent loss of curiosity, spirit, heart, empathy, and emotion.  Don’t let it happen to you to!  Especially now more than ever Americans are needed to challenge the status quo and make a difference.  I hope you enjoy these posts and if you don’t please drop me a note and rip on them!  Freedom of speech is the first thing on those papers for a reason.

Sudbury Sanders is my superstar persona.  Originally classified top-secret, but leaked to the public for the good of the people.

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sudburysanders